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Seeger History
About Seeger Toyota Scion
The Seeger family has been helping customers since 1912 at 12833 Olive Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63141, first serving the community as a blacksmith, then selling farm implements and tractors. In 1969, Seeger Toyota opened its doors and is the oldest Missouri Toyota dealer; and now offers Scions too. Seeger Toyota has both new and pre-owned vehicles for purchase, as well as modifying with mobility equipment and other accessories. The state-of-the-art Service department boasts services from state safety inspections, emissions, and regular oil changes to the more complex, like an engine overhaul. In 2008, Seeger Toyota was awarded the BBB TORCH award for highest business ethics and has the fourth-generation involved in the business. The facility includes a comfortable customer lounge and wi-fi. For more information read on below, visit in person, online at www.seegertoyota.com or phone 314-434-5000.

Seeger Toyota Scion Mission Statement:
Continually progressing in practicing the principles of service, honesty, integrity and respect in our relationship with our customers and one another.

Continually progressing…
The Seeger Family has lived and worked in Creve Coeur, Missouri for over 100 years. In 1912, George Jacob Seeger was serving the community as a blacksmith in the same location where Seeger Toyota is now located. As the community progressed, so did the Seegers, serving its farming community by selling tractors and farm implements. George J. Seeger and Son, was one of the first authorized McCormick-Deering farm equipment dealers, and did a booming business from the first building built in 1912. In 1933 an expanded facility took the place of McCormick-Deering and the family business continued to grow. Also, during the 1930s, Mr. Seeger sold Nash, Hudson and Chevrolet cars, although not a franchised dealer. Later the community changed from agricultural to more residential. The Seegers responded to serve those needs in addition to selling International Harvester products, in 1969, George J. Seeger’s son, George M. Seeger added the new line of Toyota cars such as the Corona and the Crown and Seeger Toyota opened its doors. The 1933 building was also refurbished in 1969 to accommodate a new car showroom and service facility, and the existing facility was built to replace it in 1979. Thomas C. Seeger became president in 1974. Adding the Scion franchise in 2003 introduced another niche of drivers to the family’s brand of service. According to Andy Seeger, dealership General Manager since 2010 and fourth generation family member, expanding customer comfort and convenience within the existing footprint of this prime acreage required more than just a little creativity. Customers can now take advantage of service loaners, and guests can book their appointments for maintenance/repair online in real-time with a program that allows one to see open time slots. Additionally, Seeger noted customers appreciate time saving tools available for comparison shopping and vehicle maintenance history on the updated website.

Practicing the Principles…
Selling and servicing cars is more than a simple transaction; it is a series of events in a relationship. How we approach the relationship determines the total experience. Not only do we have customers who have been loyal to us for decades, we have been loyal to our customers, their needs, and the community from the beginning.

Seeger Toyota offers a level of service our customers appreciate. The final product of our industry is never ONE finite item, it is a complex procedure with varying expectations from customers. Our business may start when a customer first makes contact with us, but we will serve that customer, his or her family and friends for the life of that car and the next. From determining what vehicle best matches the customers’ expectations to giving financial assistance to maintaining the life of the car, it is our hope that we are there for him or her every step of the way.

Taken to this level, Seeger employees also understand that interaction with the customer is one source of excellence, but further excellence is sought after in the efficiency of our general operations. Seeger Toyota has implemented many applications to ensure the level of service we want to continue to offer both customers and our employees, and excel beyond.
Training goes hand-in-hand with our awareness. It requires caring about every aspect of the relationship, thus we offer our employees continual attention, training and feedback. An open communication system with managers allows employee growth and understanding. Fostering employees and their families is an integral part of our development. In an industry with a high turn-over rate, Seeger Toyota has created an environment that encourages experience while improving.

In the latest responsibilities of global environmental concerns, the car industry as a whole is being more aware of our relationship to the ‘bigger’ environment. Toyota was at the forefront in the car industry and Seeger Toyota shares this courage and commitment. Like the technological evolution of Seeger Toyota from tractors to Tundras, it is our hope that the industry will continue to find new technologies to ensure the health of our community. Our community has an interest and we celebrate that interest.

The Seeger Family has contributed with humility and respect to those in need and to the operations of those charities. It is in this arena that Tom Seeger and his family has found its greatest respect in the community and it is the hopes of the entire Seeger Family that the same commitment will be carried on for centuries to come. From the original blacksmith shop in 1912 to the oldest Toyota dealership in Missouri, the Seeger family has been committed to customer service, community involvement and affordable pricing of its products.

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